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FIBROCELL SCIENCE, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/29/2017
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FCX-007 Interim Readout: Wound Healing • Digital images captured and tracings performed  Skin tattoos and transparent overlays used as landmarks •Wounds monitored in the study prior to dosing were open at each monitoring visit up to 8 months • Compared to the baseline measurement collected at Day 0 pre-administration, wounds healing after a single injection session of FCX-007 resulted as follows: 13 Number of Wounds Meeting Criteria Percent Healing Four weeks post-administration 100% (5/5) > 75% healed 12 weeks post-administration 80% (4/5)* > 70% healed * Increase in size for one wound from the data set may have potentially destabilized due to biopsy samples collected in the center of the wound bed Day 0 Pre-Administration 4 Weeks 12 Weeks 25% wounded 0% wounded Treated area: 10.3cm2 Right posterior leg • White arrows denote tracking tattoo • Dash lines represent target treatment area • Day 0 pen markings denote injection locations • 4 week solid lines denote remaining wounded areas